Your shower is supposed to be a place of respite, refuge and cleanliness. It’s where you can relax and enjoy the warm water flowing over you and forget about your trials and just exist. A great and humble place of hygiene. However, things can and do go wrong with showers and it’s important that you know how to fix, or when to call in an emergency plumber in the Eastern Suburbs

Here are five signs that your shower is leaking and what you can do about it.

Leaking Shower

Your Water Pressure Is Slower 

If you notice a change in your water pressure, it may be due to a leak. You should check all of your fixings to make sure there isn’t a slow leak of water somewhere. Check the showerhead and taps and all of the visible piping. If you do see a slow leak, apply some plumber’s tape to the area – which should stop your leak. However, you should also call an inner city plumbing service. They will inspect your shower fittings and pipes beneath the shower to ensure that there are no breaks. 

Mould & Mildew Growth 

If you’re discovering that your bathroom is starting to grow some mildew, or even that there are black spots appearing in the corners of your bathtub – where the seams of the caulking meet the wall – then you might have a mould or mildew problem, which can be caused by a leaky shower, which is slowly dripping water down onto the flooring or surrounding areas, which is causing moisture to form and bacteria to grow. 

While you can just wipe the area clean yourself, you may want to call in a mould removal specialist. Then make sure you consult with a Manly plumbing service, or a plumber in Cronulla, or a plumber in the Sutherland Shire, depending on where you live in New South Wales. You need to make sure that your shower leak is stopped, so that the mould won’t return. 

Puddling After a Shower 

If you’re noticing that there are puddles of water appearing on your bathroom floor after a shower, then you may have a leak somewhere in the drainage system of your shower, or in the shower piping that’s seeping water down onto the floor. Make sure to check under your bathtub if you have a raised one (like a clawfoot), or on the floor immediately outside your bathtub, if you have an insert. 

While plumber’s tape may again be the answer to your problems, you may need to hire an emergency plumber in the Sutherland Shire, particularly if the puddling is large, as this is an indication of a large leak. Luckily, there is a 24 hour plumber in the Sutherland Shire, so no matter what time you shower, there’s a plumber on call to help

A Musty Odour 

One of the tell-tale signs of water buildup is a musty, earthy smell. This means that water is leaking from somewhere, building up and has nowhere else to go. So, it is collecting and not draining properly. This can be one of the tell-tale signs of a leak but doesn’t help you source it. For that, you’ll need the eyes of a plumber in Sydney, in the Inner West. 

High Water Bill 

One of the final signs that you might have a leaky shower comes from your water company! If you’ve not been able to identify anything obvious in the bathroom, but still see a high water bill, then we would suggest calling in a professional plumber to give your entire water plumbing system a once-over. This will help them to isolate the leak(s) and repair them properly so that your water bill can get back down to something a bit easier to handle.

When To Give Service Fox A Call 

No matter why your shower is leaking, the fact remains that a leaky shower, even in small quantities can cause major problems like mould and mildew growth, which can cause harmful health side effects. Not to mention the damage that could be done to your home. Getting a professional plumber that deals with blocked drains in Cronulla, or a plumber from elsewhere in Sydney is critical.

Make sure that you give Service Fox a call to see if we can help you. We’ll send out our professional plumbers with their years of experience and the right tools for the job, to inspect and repair your leaky shower in no time.