As far as technology goes, dishwashers are a firm favourite because nobody likes to be left with a sink full of dirty dishes. It isn’t just more efficient for your time, it’s also an energy, and water-efficient solution. Luckily, they are more affordable than ever and there are plenty of compact options if you are tight on space. The installation process is also fairly simple for inner-city plumbing professionals.


What You Need to Know About Dishwasher Installation 

You can technically install a replacement dishwasher yourself. No law prevents you from doing so. However, there is a lot involved and you shouldn’t attempt it unless you are handy or have some experience. If it’s a first-time installation, it gets more complicated, and you need to know the rules to ensure it is safe and legal. 

Replacement Dishwasher Installation 

If you have correctly measured the space and your new dishwasher fits the existing space, then a replacement is a straightforward job. Everything you need is already there; it is a simple case of removing the old dishwasher and installing the new one. Do be sure to turn the water off before you start. To install the new dishwasher, you need to connect it to the inlet tap and drain, plug it in, and use it as instructed by the manufacturer’s guidelines. The only tools you should need for this are a drill or a screwdriver; the hardware you require should have come with the dishwasher. 

First-Time Installation 

Your dishwasher comes with a warranty, and most warranties clearly state that they are void if a licensed tradie isn’t the one to handle the installation. A handyman might offer to do it on the cheap, but they don’t know the legal requirements involved for dishwasher installation. For brand new installation, you will need a plumber and likely an electrician if a new outlet is necessary. A dishwasher requires a pressure limiting valve and a mini stop-tap. These are mandatory in terms of the warranty. While some dishwashers come with the necessary values pre-fitted, a plumber will know what to do if there isn’t one. 

If you choose to install a dishwasher on your own, your insurance will be unlikely to cover damage caused by a leak. When connecting hoses, it’s easy to under-tighten and cross-thread, which can lead to leaks. With affordable plumbing Sydney, your plumber will double and triple check the work to ensure everything is properly installed and connected. 

If a dishwasher is improperly installed and does result in flooding, the result is heavy damage. Not only will you need to call an emergency plumber in the Eastern suburbs immediately. You will have to replace cabinetry, flooring, and it will come directly out of your pocket. It’s even more complicated if you have an older kitchen. Instead, you could use plumbing services in the Eastern suburbs and save yourself a headache in the future. 

How Service Fox Can Help 

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