Plumbing emergencies are perhaps one of the least fun parts of property ownership. They can be messy, expensive, and not necessarily covered by your home insurance. Whether you own your own property, or are renting out property and there’s a plumbing emergency that needs to be solved ASAP – you don’t want to be stuck without a plumber when you need one. 

Finding an emergency plumber in the Eastern Suburbs can be challenging, but Service Fox is here to help. Before we talk about some of our services, let’s talk about what qualifies as a plumbing emergency.

Emergency Plumbing

What Exactly Is a Plumbing Emergency? 

Plumbing emergencies are the type that strikes without warning and can cause catastrophic damage to your home. These are a few different plumbing emergencies that will require immediate fixing by an emergency plumber in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs, to prevent further damage. 

●       A Burst Pipe: Sometimes your pipes will burst without warning. This is most likely due to old pipes that should have been replaced a long time ago – maybe the sealant has gone, or the pipes are old and made from copper that’s rusted through.

●       Broken Water Heater: You wake up and go and turn on the shower – your hot water isn’t working at all – same story at the sink! What’s the issue? If you can’t identify the problem, be sure to call a 24-hour plumber in the Sutherland Shire. They’ll be able to come to your home and make an assessment of your water heater and tell you if it needs replacing.

●       Mould/Mildew Buildup: One of the worst things about a slow leak is that they’re not immediately noticeable. But if you start to smell a musty or mould smell coming from your walls, or in a certain room – there’s every chance that you have a burst pipe that’s been slowly leaking water, causing mould buildup. Over time, exposure to mould can be toxic and dangerous to your health. You’ll want to get this inspected and repaired by an inner-city plumbing service ASAP. 

How to Choose a Plumber 

If you notice any of these problems, be sure to call in an emergency plumber in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs! But before you do, you should know what to look for in an emergency plumber. Here are some of our suggestions below: 

Look Local First 

If you have a plumbing emergency, you’ll want to call everyone local first. This way, you’re sure to find someone who knows the area and can be there quicker than a plumber from far away, who may take longer to arrive and fix the problem. 

Read Reviews Carefully 

While you don’t necessarily want to spend a pile of time reading reviews, spend an extra few minutes reading over Facebook or Google reviews to get the best emergency plumber in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs. 

Check Licensing and Insurance 

While it’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you need an emergency plumber, it’s very important that you check for licensing and insurance when you call plumbing services in the Eastern Suburbs. Despite it being an emergency, if your 24-hour plumber in the Sutherland Shire isn’t licensed or insured, their work won’t be covered by your home insurance if they mess things up! 


In an emergency, it can be easy to overlook pricing. After all, you just want to get your plumbing emergency resolved! However, while you’re fine to look for affordable plumbing in Sydney, any plumber worth their salt should be able to give you a detailed quote on what the cost is to fix your issue. Avoid plumbers who aren’t forthcoming with this information. 

Equipment & Products 

In an emergency, you want your plumber to show up ready for the job. Ask your plumber if they have everything they’ll need to do the job, once you’ve described the problem to them. They shouldn’t be lacking in any equipment necessary, the last thing you want is to run into equipment issues when they’re trying to fix an emergency. 

Plumbing emergencies typically occur at the most inopportune moments – but they don’t have to be a ‘hair on fire’ situation – take a calm approach to find the right emergency plumber in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs – and you’ll be grateful you did. 

Service Fox offers emergency plumbing services to customers throughout the Eastern Suburbs, so no matter if you’re looking for a plumber in Cronulla, or a plumber in the Sutherland Shire, we are happy to help with all your emergency plumbing needs. Give us a call, no matter the hour or the problem.