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Plumbing in Ashfield

Looking for a reliable, trustworthy and affordable plumber in Ashfield? Service Fox offers residential and commercial plumbing across the region.

When you need plumbing services Ashfield, we offer

Tap Repairs

There’s no reason to put up with drippy faucets or waste water when you can call our team of skilled plumbers to take care of the problem immediately.

Toilet Repairs and Installation

There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with an overflowing or damaged toilet at the most inconvenient time.

Gutter Repair and Drainage

Our team of professionals provides a comprehensive range of roofing and guttering services throughout the Sydney region, as well as the surrounding areas.

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Plumbing in Ashfield

Are you experiencing plumbing issues in Ashfield? Maybe you’re on the hunt for a new Ashfield plumbing service, because your old plumber retired or moved. Look no further than Service Fox for all your Ashfield plumbing needs. 

If you’re plumbing in a new sink or toilet, we can help with that. We’ll send out one of our fantastic team members, always ready with some plumber’s tape and a smile to get you on the road to that brand new (functional) sink or toilet. We can also help unplug a stubborn toilet and/or drain, if the plunger you’ve tried isn’t working.

Need a plumber today?

Plumbing Services in Ashfield

Additionally, we provide support for major projects like a complete overhaul of your plumbing in a home, or a complete installation of new plumbing in your new home. We’ll come to your home, do an assessment of what needs to be done (in consultation with you) and provide an estimate. Then we’ll to work as soon as possible. 

We’re also available 24 hours a day as an on-call emergency plumbing service in Ashfield. If you have a burst pipe in the middle of the night that you need to get looked at, we can certainly help. Simply make sure that you turn off your water at the main line and we’ll deal with the rest in the morning. We try to take the stress off during this time as best we can. 

If you’re looking for competent, trustworthy and qualified plumbing services with a smile in Ashfield, look no further than Service Fox.

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How can we help you

plumbing blocked drains - Service Fox Sydney Plumber

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains present a range of hazards so if your toilet or sink is backing up, or your yard is flooding, we’re here to assist.

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plumbing emergency - Service Fox Sydney Plumber

Emergency Plumbing

From flooding toilets to cracked pipes, we can take care of all your emergency plumbing services – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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plumbing hot water repair - Service Fox Sydney Local Plumber

Hot Water Repairs

We have experience with repairs and installation of all types of hot water systems, including gas, electric, heat pump, solar, and continuous.

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plumbing tap water repair Service Fox Sydney Local Plumber

Tap Repairs

Got a leaky tap? Don’t wait for it to become a much bigger problem. Get in touch with our team today to assist and repair.

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plumbing toilet - Service Fox Sydney Plumber

Toilet Repairs

If your flush isn’t flushing, or your drain isn’t draining, we can help. From blocked toilets to slow fillers, we can fix it all.

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Inner City Plumbing - Service Fox Sydney Plumber


At Service Fox, our team is experienced in dealing with clients throughout the Sydney region, from emergency repairs to ongoing maintenance.

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plumbing central - Service Fox Sydney Plumber

Central Coast

We provide a full range of plumbing services across the Central Coast region of New South Wales for commercial and residential customers.

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Amazing service and friendly team, highly recommended.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve found one! Get in touch with our team today and we can assist with a range of services, including blocked drains, hot water repairs, tap repairs and toilet repairs, as well as providing a range of emergency plumbing services.

This depends on two things – how bad is the existing roof? And how much money do you have to spend? Obviously replacing your roof is going to cost a lot more, but if you simply repair the roof and the damage increases over time, you could be facing a much larger financial burden in future. Your best bet is to talk to our team, have a consultant come out to take a look at it, and we’ll provide you with the right advice based on our evaluation.

We have a number of easy payment plan options. To find out more, simply get in touch with the team today to discuss.

Yes! You certainly can. We offer emergency plumbing services, including blocked drains, hot water repairs, dishwasher installation, cistern plumbing, pipe relining and shower plumbing, as well as gas fitting. We’re available for emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!