When was the last time you looked at your roof? It’s always keeping you and your family safe from the harsh elements, but most people don’t really give it much thought. Even the smallest issues with your roof can quickly turn into massive problems. 

So, if your roof is looking worn, has started leaking, or has just seen better days, you may need to get your roof restored. A roof restoration will ensure that any problems are fixed, while also adding value and street appeal to your property.

What Is A Roof Repair?

Roof repair is required whenever there is a relatively small or urgent problem with your roof that needs to be repaired. This includes emergency leak repairs or damaged tile replacement – and you need to take care of it before it leads to extensive or major structural damage. Early detection of these issues is the best way to ensure they don’t become bigger problems in the future. However, once there are indications of major damage to your roof such as severe mould, multiple leaks, or if your previous home repairs haven’t worked, you may need roofing contractors to carry out a full roof restoration.

What Is A Roof Restoration?

Roof restorations are like a makeover for an entire roof, which includes locating roof leaks, making roof repairs, as well as roof painting, and is usually much cheaper than a complete roof replacement. The roof restoration process starts with a high pressure clean that removes any dirt, mould, stains, or algae, before repairing any damage. Roof repairs may involve replacing any cracked, broken, or missing tiles, sealing any leaks, before rebedding and repointing if required. If you have a sheet metal roof, a Roofer may need to replace some of the metal sheeting. Finally, the roof is recoated with a general primer, as well as a filler for a tiled roof, and then finished off with a top coat of fresh paint. When it’s done correctly, a roof restoration can extend the life of your roof by 10 to 15 years, while protecting it from future leaks or other damage.

How Long Do Roof Restorations Last?

It’s difficult to determine exactly how long a roof restoration will last. So the most accurate answer would be to say that while it may not last as long as a completely new roof, it will definitely last much longer than if it was left to deteriorate without restoration. That being said, most roof restorations on average will last around 10 to 15 years, which is why so many people decide to get their roof restored.

How To Tell If Your Roof Needs Work Or Restoration?

The most obvious sign that your roof may require a restoration is usually its cosmetic appearance, so walk around your home and carry out a visual inspection. You should be looking out for any evidence of standing water, wet insulation, broken tiles, rusty metal, or cracked seams, as well as wet patches or mouldy stains both inside on your ceiling and outside of your roof. Remember that even seemingly minor issues can escalate extremely fast and become major problems that can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home, so contact roofing professionals if you notice anything wrong.

What To Do If Your Roof Needs Restoring?

If you think that your roof may need restoring, the first thing you should do is contact Service Fox roofing services for a professional opinion. Our experts will come onsite and inspect your roof, discuss your options, and provide you with a quote for a complete roof restoration.