Your outdoor drainpipe is responsible for transferring wastewater away from your property and into the storm drain or local sewer system. If your outdoor drainpipe ever has a clog or blockage, it can cause major problems in your yard as well as inside your home. Not only could wastewater overflow from the sewer and contaminate your property, but you’d be unable to use your internal drains and toilets.

Is your outdoor drain pipe blocked and causing you nothing but headaches and pain? Don’t be like Milli-Vanilli and just blame it on the rain. Not only did that not work out too well for them, but excess rainwater is the result of blocked drains, not what causes them in the first place. Simply call an emergency plumber like Service Fox and we’ll take care of it for you. But first…

Why Is Your Outdoor Drain Pipe Blocked?

Like all plumbing fixtures in and around your property, outside drain pipes can be just as vulnerable to clogs and blockages. Here are the most common causes of blockages seen by plumbers in outside pipes.

Muddy Debris

That being said, the most common cause of blockages in outside drain pipes is the build-up of soil, branches, leaves, moss, silt, litter, and other debris. Whether all of this muck is accumulated over time or within only a short period, heavy storms and rainwater quickly turns them into a muddy clog which becomes too much for the drainpipes to handle. It all hardens into a blockage until you have to call out 24 hour plumbers.

Tree Roots

The next most common reason for outside drain pipes to become clogged or blocked is because of tree roots. Whenever there is even the smallest crack or breakage in the underground pipeline, tree roots will instinctively seek out the nutrients from the continuous water supply. The tree roots will then continue growing thicker and larger inside the drainpipe until it eventually blocks it completely.

Foreign Matter

Another common reason for blockages in outdoor drain pipes is foreign matter and other items from inside the property which shouldn’t be washed down the drain. This includes grease and food in the kitchen, hair and soap scum in the bathroom, and excess paper and sanitary products that cause a blocked toilet. In fact, anything that can possibly clog up your kitchen and bathroom drains can always get dislodged and cause a blockage in your exterior drain pipes as well. After all, every one of those pipes is interconnected anyway.

Can You Prevent Outdoor Drain Pipe Blockages?

If you don’t notice a blockage problem early enough, it can escalate into major flooding and structural damage to your property. That’s why it’s a good idea to do whatever you can to prevent clogs and blockages whenever you possibly can.

Start by regularly clearing the leaves and branches from your roof and guttering, and reducing the accumulation of dirt and other debris from around the outside stormwater drains and pipes. By trimming the trees, cutting back bushes, and generally keeping your garden maintenance up-to-date, you’ll be able to reduce the number of leaves and branches that end up in your gutters and drains.

If your sinks are gurgling, draining slowly, or smelling bad, there’s a good chance of a blockage somewhere. So make sure you get the clogging problem dealt with before it gets dislodged and creates an even bigger problem in your external drain pipes. Call the team from Service Fox today and we’ll get it sorted for you! We can also take care of any Hot Water Repair you need.

Another way to avoid future blockages in your drain pipes regularly is using a hose to flush out debris from downpipes, stormwater drains, and outdoor drain pipes. You should also install some good quality outside drain and guttering covers to stop leaves, branches,  and other debris from ending up in your drains and causing clogs.

If you’ve had problems with tree roots in your sewer or drain pipes in the past, it’s a good idea to do something proactive about it. Either book an annual inspection with the professional Service Fox team, or get the problem tree removed from that area completely. Ultimately, either of these options is the only possible method of preventing future blockages from tree roots.

Who Should You Call For Plumbing Services?

If your outdoor drainpipe is currently clogged or blocked, give Service Fox a call. We’ll take care of all your emergency plumbing needs in no time at all.